National Youth Squad


Male squad of up to 6 players and female squad of up to 4 players (Female to develop into 6 in future)


Coaching team

Run and overseen by NYS Lead coach, assisted by the NYS coaching team and other persons deemed suitable when required.


Squad ethics and commitments

The NYS is a high-performance programme developed to encourage, coach and support the growth of the squad, for future success at International Youth Championship level.

 It is not normal practice to select a player that is younger than cadet age as this can be an intensive and at times pressured programme but, if felt appropriate a younger player may be considered.


We are looking for players that in brief are

  • willing to work hard independently and within the NYS

  • dedicated to improving their skills, aiming to reach international level.

  • Receptive to advice and shows good coachability traits

  • Will act in a manner fitting to an England representative


For full details of squad requirements please see the NYS policy found on our website

In line with PE policy non-nationals are eligible to enter the NYS open events, HOWEVER they will not be eligible for the selection process and subsequent championship representation. The National Youth Squad is exclusively for selection of our World and European championships, these events as set by the governing bodies are not open to non-nationals.

We are continuing to develop and move towards our goal of international success, to keep moving forward hard work and commitment is required from both the NYS coaching team and squad members. Players and parents are asked to seriously consider the commitment required before trying out for a place on the squad.


Players are expected to

  • miss no more than 2 NYS allocated events unless in exceptional circumstances or unless by prior arrangement. These requirements can be found on the calendar posted on our website.

  • If offered an international playing opportunity, to prepare adequately for this event

  •  to mix and embrace all other squad members putting aside personal issues for the good of the team/squad

  • Meet monthly with personal coach/mentor to do home training and submit results

  • Commit to a minimum of 1 hrs personal practice per week


Failure to meet squad requirement will result in de-selection from the squad and/or non-selection the following year


Parent commitment

 Should a parent/guardian/carer become disruptive or abusive at events home or abroad their child will be removed from the event. We will where possible issue a warning before removing the child but in extreme circumstances no warning will be required, and the child will be removed immediately.  

When a youth player is selected for representation and a parent/guardian/carer breaches the code of conduct prior to the event their child will be withdrawn prior to the event and their place will be given to another squad member.

Repeat violations may lead to a disciplinary investigation by Petanque England and a ban from future NYS events or NYS representational events. In extreme cases, the offending parent's child may also be removed from the squad. 

Squad selection

Selection into the squad will be via a set selection day open to all PE youth licence holders. Prior to the selection day will be a NYS open coaching day and the NYS singles championships & precision shooting, observations will be made at these events to aid the selection, these events are not compulsory to attend but a player maybe disadvantaged by not attending as this will limit the knowledge the selectors can gain on a player. Previous seasons play and behaviour may also be taken into consideration, in the case of former squad members their commitment and performance the previous season will definitely be taken into account.

Squad selection will be carried out by the selection panel made up of lead coach and two further selectors. The list of selectors can be found on the NYS website. Selection will be announced via the NYS website within 7 days of the selection day.

The NYS year will run from April – November.  In exceptional cases representational events may fall outside of these dates


Championship Selection

A full squad day will be held shortly after the selection day, information gained from this along with the data used for squad selection will be used to select championship teams. The announcement of this selection will be announced within 7 days of the squad day. This selection will be announced on the NYS squad ‘closed’ facebook page.


Players selected for the championship team will be expected to meet the requirements set out in the document provided at the selection day. Failure to meet this requirement in training, commitment and attitude will result in the player being de-selected from the championship team and replaced by another player.

If there are not the number of suitble players or the team does not possess both the mental strength to cope with the situation and the technical ability to compete at this level the team will not be entered into the championship event, but will instead embark on a program that will better prepare them for future championship events. 


EPA National Junior Squad 2015

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