• Junior - 16 -17 years
  • Cadet - 13 -15 years
  • Minor - 10 -12 years
  • Benjamin - up to and including 9 years
Players can play in a group above their age range but can not play in a group younger than their are range

Clarification on  World Championship Representation

FIPJP Rules Article 10
 Participating teams shall consist only of players of the nationality of the country represented. However, derogations linked to international agreements between states may be allowed by the Executive Committee and, so long as the International Congress does not decide otherwise, one foreigner per team may be tolerated.
In addition for the Junior World Championships those born in the country of which they are
members of the federation may be selected on condition that they have not already represented another country.  In this case, the head of the delegation shall submit an official document certifying the place of birth. 

Any player selected must have been a member of the federation that he or she is representing for at least six months. 
This period may be  extended to 3 (three) years for a foreign player and to 5 (five) years if he or she has already played for another country in an international competition, such as a world championship, a confederations world cup, a continental championship, world games, or a multisports event.

Clarification on European Championship Representation


CEP Rules


4.1. Any player in a European Championship must be a national of the country of the Federation which the player is representing.

4.2. All matters relating to the determination of the country which a player may represent in the European Championship shall be resolved by the Board of Directors.
MP/CEP2018 Championnat d’Europe - Règlement/European Championship-Rules

4.3. A player who is a national of two or more countries at the same time may represent either one of them, as they may elect. However, after having represented one country in the European Championship they may not represent another country unless they meet the conditions set forth in the paragraphs below that apply to persons who have changed their nationality or acquired a new nationality.


4.4. A player who has represented one country in a European Championship and who has changed their nationality or acquired a new nationality, may participate in the European Championship to represent their new country provided that at least three years have passed since the player last represented their former country. This period may be reduced or even cancelled, with the agreement of the Federations concerned, by the Board of Directors, which takes into account the circumstances of each case.

4.5. If an associated State, province or overseas department, a country or colony acquires independence, if a country becomes incorporated within another country by reason of a change of border, if a country merges with another country, or if a new Federation is recognised by the Board of Directors, a player may continue to represent the country to which they belong or belonged. However, they may, if they prefer, elect to represent their country or be entered in a CEP Championship by their new Federation if one exists. This particular choice may be made only once.

4.6. Furthermore, in all cases in which a player would be eligible to participate in the European Championship, either by representing another country than theirs or by having the choice as to the country which such player intends to represent, the Board of Directors may take all decisions of a general or individual nature with regard to issues resulting from nationality, citizenship, domicile or residence of any player, including the duration of any waiting period.

EPA National Junior Squad 2015

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