National Development  Programme


National Development Programme (NDP)




The NDP is a general grassroots development group, with no size limit, open to any player of junior age. It offers coaching and playing opportunities, when the Covid-19 pandemic allows, to improve their general standard of play and a relaxed and more light-hearted approach to learning techniques, rules and tactics. There is no commitment required from players; they simply turn up at whatever sessions they wish to attend. An application is not required for this programme


PE licences are not required at this level but players at an appropriate point will be encouraged to become a member. 

National Development Squad (NDS)




This initiative is designed to help raise the general standard of youth players, especially at grassroots level, in England and to promote PE youth membership. There will also be a focus on channelling the most promising non NYS players helping to prepare them for more competitive levels of play.


Up to 8 youth players will form the NDS

The NDS will need to show a higher level of commitment, trying to raise standards up to a competitive level. Although under the National Youth Academy umbrella the NDS are not England representatives – they are National Development representatives.  Players selected for the NDS should already know the basics of the game and show the desire to develop to a future competitive level.

With the support and leadership of qualified and experienced coaching staff, players in the development squad will be taught the more advanced skills:

  • High lob point

  • Spinning a boule so that it turns in a sideways direction on the ground

  • Promotion of a boule

  • Placing a defensive boule

  • Shooting boule to boule

  • Trailing and relocating a jack

  • Tactics of playing an attacking game

  • Tactics of when to close down an end

  • Body language and piste presence

  • Developing a personal and habitual shot routine

  • Essential aspects of teamwork, especially communication

  • Accuracy and consistency in all playing skills

  • Ability to adapt to various ground conditions


In normal times players will be given national playing opportunities and on occasions international opportunities may arise. During the Covid-19 pandemics we will aim to provide these opportunities if safe to do so.


We are looking for players that, in brief,

  • are in the age range 10 – 15 years (we will consider players outside of this group but if younger we would need to consider them to be mentally and physically strong enough for this level of play and that we would not be at risk of overexposing them to too much pressure too soon).

  •  are receptive to advice and show strong coachability traits

  • show flair and potential

  • to miss no more than 2 NYS allocated events unless in exceptional circumstances or unless by prior arrangement. In these unprecedented times our approach to this is more flexible but good communication is essential.



 Players may be re-selected for the development squad if the following criteria are met -

  • The player must have shown a commitment and dedication to the squad.

  • The player must have shown progress in the previous year

  • The player must show the desire to do well and to progress further


National residency is not essential at this stage, but parents of non-nationals are advised to explore the future requirements of the NYS and CEP & FIPJP Championship events, details can be found on our website.



NDP/NDS 2021 Programme

  • Applications must be received by midnight 7th February

  • Squad selection will be announced on the NYA website HOME | junior-squad ( on12th February 2021  

  •  24th March open zoom meeting for any NDS, NDP or non NYS junior – Meeting will cover introduction to some of the coaches, outline some of the events planned for 2021 a chance to chat with some NYS juniors about their experiences and an open forum for any questions you may have.

  • 25th April - Activity morning and Open Junior Competition – a friendly event open to any non NYS junior player of all ages Covid-19 restrictions allowing

  • 15th May 1st NDS squad day

  • 6th June – Open Doubles for NDS and grassroots players

  • 10th July 2nd NDS event

  • 14th Aug  -  NDP open coaching day

  • 12th September -    NDS event

  • 3rd Oct  -  NYA Open Doubles  -  Not compulsory

  •  Additional squad commitments may be introduced, where possible these will be outlined in full and sent out with the NDS Squad Acceptance letter to the selected players. Other arrangements will be made by mutual consent.

Lead - Kath Knight


EPA National Junior Squad 2015