National Development  Squad

National Development Squad

Whilst in its infancy the NDS will be built into a two-tier system on the second tier to help the general standard of youth players in England and to help promote PE youth membership, on the first tier to channel the most promising non squad players helping to provide a constant stream of championship potential for future NYS selection.


Tier 1 consisting of

Female development squad - a team of 4 female players

Males development squad - a team of 4 male players

To work in a two separate, more intense groups trying to raise standards up to a competitive level. Although a part of the NYS umbrella the NDS are not England representatives – they are National Development representatives.  Players selected for the NDS should already know the basics of the game and show the potential to develop into a NYS candidate. Players in the development squad will be taught the more advanced skills

  • High lob

  • Spinning a boule

  • Promotion

  • Placing a defensive boule

  • Shooting boule to boule

  • Tactics of playing an attacking game

  • Tactics of when to close down an end

  • Body language and piste presence

Players from each group may be considered for a place at the Petanque Training Camp in Slovakia.


Squad Selection

Selection into the development squad Tier 1 is through the NYS selection process.


Squad requirements

Players do not have to be a super-star to try out for this squad but must

  • Be dedicated

  •  show potential

  •  Show coachability

  •  know the basics of the game

  • Commit to a minimum of 1.30 hrs of personal practice a month

  • Commit to the monthly home training programme


The NDS is a supportive and friendly environment.

The NDS will encourage, coach and support the growth of the squads, helping to prepare for future NYS selection and success at youth international level


The criteria for selection into the NDS 

There is a little flexibility to allow us to build what we consider to be the best possible squad in any given year. Our general guidelines are;

  • normally of cadet age range 13 – 15 years (we will consider players outside of this group but if younger we would need to consider them to be mentally and physically strong enough for this level of play and that we would not be at risk of over exposing them to too much pressure too soon).

  •  The player is receptive to advice and shows strong coachability traits

  • Shows flair and potential

Players may be re-selected for the development squad if the following criteria is met

  • The player must have shown a commitment and dedication to the squad.

  • Shown enough progress to believe future NYS/championship or espoirs selection is possible

  • Shows the desire to do well and progress


National residency is not essential at this stage, but parents of non-nationals are advised to explore the future requirements of the NYS and CEP & FIPJP Championship events, details can be found on our website.

Coaching team

The NDS will be overseen by the NYS lead coach, tier 1 will be run as two individual squads each will have a lead coach and a supporting coach. Other coaches will work with the NDS as and when required.

The NDS lead coaches will work in conjunction with the NYS lead submitting a monthly briefing including home training results and will be responsible for the organisation, home training, individual training days or events for their team. 



Tier 2 when formed will consist of;

a more general development group with no size limit open to any player of junior age. Offering coaching and playing opportunities to improve their general standard of play, a relaxed and more light-hearted approach to learning techniques, rules and tactics. There is no commitment required from players, they simply turn up at what sessions they want. Tier 2 is a great way to be spotted for future tier 1 or NYS selection. PE licences are not required at this level but players at an appropriate point will be encouraged to become a member.

Tier 2 holds two events consisting of

Morning skills workshop

Followed by mini competition

Coaching team

Tier 2 will be overseen by the NYS lead coach and events will be run by assisting coaches. Assisting coaches will be required to submit post event reports within 2 weeks.

The NYS lead, NDS male and female development leads and NDS male and female assisting coaches will form NDS committee and will deal with any matters that may arise, but ultimate control will remain with the NYS lead coach.

Meetings – there will be an annual end of season meeting and if required a pre-season meeting.

Lead - Kath Knight


Assistant Chris Garratt



EPA National Junior Squad 2015

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